Billie Eilish Setlist 2022: Concert Reviews For Amateur

Happier Than Ever tour

Billie Eilish started her career at a very young age and quickly achieved much success. If you love this young talent, you are certainly no stranger to your debut single “Ocean Eyes” (2015) and mini-album Don’t Smile at Me (2017).

In 2022, Billie Eilish continues to make a big splash with her world tour. This year, her tour will begin on February 3 and end on September 30. 

If you’re interested in the songs on the show, check out the updated Billie Eilish setlist 2022 through this article.

About the “Happier Than Ever” World Tour 2022

Happier Than Ever tour
Happier Than Ever tour

Many newspapers claim that the ticket to Billie Eilish’s tour is the most challenging ticket of the year. So what are the attractions in this 7-time Grammy Award-winning young singer’s concert? Here are some interesting facts you can’t help but be interested in.

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Tour theme

In the tour of the same name, every song and theme on tour is related to this second studio album released in 2021.

Eilish officially announced the tour on May 21, 2021, on her official Youtube account.

Tour locations go through. 

Happier Than Ever is Billie Eilish’s six tour. This one also marks the return after “Where Do We Go?”, postponed due to the influence of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Initially, the tour was to take 50 days, starting February 3, 2022. The time will pass through 32 points in North America and 18 points in Europe with the fall asleep world tour. 

Sustainable Partner

The tour’s sustainable partner is REVERB. Together with her friends and partners, the female singer will focus on sending messages about the global climate and environment. 

The above messages seem a bit out of place compared to the night songs. However, Eilish always knows how to convey the message to the fans. 

As noted at previous concerts, Billie Eilish showed a pre-performance video. 

Video content about a non-profit organization that promotes the consumption of plant-based foods to reduce carbon emissions. 

Eilish regularly shows images of pollution and natural disasters during the concert. The difference she makes is a great highlight for the night and encourages fans to lead a more responsible, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Billie Eilish Setlist 2022

Billie Eilish Setlist 2022
Billie Eilish Setlist 2022

The setlist list will include many of Billie Eilish’s big hits. However, for each area, the above setlist will change. 

To catch the music that will be present during the concert, you can refer to the setlist of the recent performance. 

Concert Reviews

Concert Review 2
Concert Review 2

Due to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, fans worldwide have had to wait more than a year to see Eilish burn out on stage with a fall asleep world tour update. 

With the full logo and enviable stage mastery, the female singer did not disappoint the audience with browse venues. 

Eilish’s first concerts in Northern Europe quickly received the attention and praise of fans and professionals. 


For this event review and get, the first compliment must go to the stage setting. 

Although performing in different venues, the stages of the tour all had the same idea. 

Many floors, matte black, partly reflect the female singer’s music style and performance style. 

The downhill sections down to the lower floors are never absent from the stage. The female singer often uses this low floor and runway to get closer to the fans. 


Eilish knows how to master the stage. She conveys her studio album’s message very well: the maturity and bleak realities of this event review. 

Also, because the songs deal with many adult issues, Eilish will have some changes in fashion and performance. 

She remains loyal to discreet items. The difference is that now she is no longer a child trying to assert herself but more like an adult responsible for what she has to do. 

Similar changes occurred to Eilish’s performance style. Billie Eilish announces herself for dances and uses her body mature, refined, and elegant. 

Best Songs 

As a young artist, Eilish has received many complaints that her music style is too dull and the songs on albums don’t have much difference. 

However, the performances in this concert proved otherwise. Each melody and song can keep the audience engaged for more than 3h 26m of the performance. 

The stage became more explosive than ever when the female singer performed “Bad guy.” She became happier, pulling pigtails, swinging her arms, and doing a bunch of other crowd-loved choreography. 

“Oxytocin” is also a pretty catchy performance. The young female singer has wholly mastered the stage and led the crowd to share or embed. 

Her melody urged the crowd to go down to the lowest level and dance together. 

Trying to command thousands of people in harmony is an impossible task. However, this young artist, who is not yet 20 has completed this task very well with edits and comments. 

But the most critically acclaimed performance during the following concerts was “Happier Than Ever.” This song has reached over 500 million streams on Spotify and has an uncanny charm.

In the first verse, the female singer’s quiet voice combined with the ukelele tells the story of feeling happier than in an emotional way. 

The song made the entire stage scream to the increasingly powerful tune by the third verse. It was the power of the lyrics that conquered and captivated the crowd. 


In addition to being curious about the Eilish setlist for your event, you also want to know more about the female singer’s songwriting and performance plans this year. Here are the answers to your questions on the Billie Eilish gig timeline. 

Will Billie Eilish go on tour in 2022?

Billie Eilish announces a world tour, “Happier Than Ever.” The time will last from February 2022 to September 2022, traveling across four continents and over 50 stops. 

How old do you have to be to go to an Eilish concert?

15, 16 years old is the minimum age for young people to participate in Eilish’s performances. Even so, the youth of this age still need to be accompanied by an adult over 18. 

Children under the age of 14 should not purchase tickets and be present in the grandstand area of ​​the show. 

How long is the Eilish concert?

The teen singer’s concerts usually last for 3h 26m. However, due to various reasons, time will change. 

Who is opening for Eilish 2022?

Eilish has a fantastic lineup of guests to open for her 2022 tour. Some of the most famous names include Jessi Reyer, Arlo Parks, Willow, and Jungle.

Do you have to be vaccinated for the Billie Eilish concert?

To attend Billie Eilish’s concert, spectators need to have had at least one shot of the covid 19 vaccine or provide a certificate of a negative test for Covid 19. Testing needs to take place within 48 hours before the recent events. 


With her slow singing style, Billie Eilish is often compared to Lana Del Rey. She once admitted that Lana partly influences her musical style. 

However, Billie Eilish still has its unique features. The rustic and dark themes are things you won’t find in any other browse artists. It is an essential factor in the success of this young female singer. 

The Billie Eilish setlist above includes all the songs that best reflect the characteristics of her writing style. After learning to embed this setlist, are you interested in the performances of the female singer’s world tour? 

If the answer is yes, let’s look forward to Billie Eilish’s explosive performances next time. Thank you for reading!

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